One of our services is to create, develop and set a music policy and identity to your business.



To become a leader in talent sourcing and management for Mauritian artists worldwide



 The word professionalism will be the cornerstone of our business practices.

All our artists will sign a pro bind to adhere to the principles of our core business values.


Continuous learning & improvement

Entertainment is a continuously evolving industry.  We aim our artists and offers keep pace with the international industry and therefore training and development will be a must at AUM.


Drive & motivation

 AUM believes in igniting passion in their people.  It’s crucial for our employees, collaborators feel motivated.




We promise to treat our employees and collaborators with upmost respect to human rights.



AUM will conduct their business in share and care approach.



To recruit, train, manage, protect and promote the AUM talents

To provide a professional framework for the management of AUM talents

To manage their promotion, protect their image and copyright rights world wide



For Artists & Talent

AUM takes responsibility to provide a professional framework to efficiently manage and promote Mauritian talents.


 Our services: We act as agent to promote artists


For the Hospitality industry

We provide a holistic approach to entertainment for Hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs.


The right choice of music, artists or experiential concept can greatly enhance your atmosphere and by consequence increase revenues.


Our Services : Providing patrons of Night Clubs, Bar, restaurants and hotels with talent in the entertainment


For the Hospitality industry


Our services : Booking of DJs, performers, special talent



Are you an artist, DJ, performer or have a special talent you want to explore?


Join our team at AUM; we host the best local talents – we can help you reach new heights by providing the right support and framework for your career to proper.


Getting access to the best local talents is always a bit tricky.  AUM has carefully scouted the best up and coming live performers, DJs and special talents with a selection of the established ones of course.

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